We are very excited about this TINY pretty headed colt!!! We hope to retain him as a future herd sire. 

Jc-Jo-Co's Little Admiral (HOF) x McCarthy's Silk N Satin (HOF)

Comfert's One Night Stand 

Carefree's Triple Sec

TSL's Ravens Nighthawk x Comferts Hershey Kisses 

AMHR National Champion
4x Congress Champion

2017 Reserve Jr Congress Champion

This colt is WOW!! "Big Mac" has a head and neck to die for! Mac is a paternal brother to greats such as Comferts Night of Roses and Comferts Nightingale and maternal sister to National Champion Comferts Timeless Treasure.

Watch for 
him with Belinda Bagby in 2018.